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Nauvoo, IL (BH) Barry and Camille enjoyed a tremendous Thanksgiving holiday in Nauvoo with Elder and Sister Hillam. Their day began with a visit to Nauvoo's premier blacksmith:


Said Blacksmith was kind enough to give "prarie diamond" rings to the kids.

After this we went to the Joseph Smith Academy for a Thanksgiving meal we will always remember. Here is a picture of the set-up, done with Mom's help. Do you think every plate had five pieces of corn? Absolutely!

There was plenty of food for everyone, and there were a lot of people. After the meal, we all staggered over to the auditorium, where we enjoyed a program put on by the missionaries that involved storytelling, harmoica playing, and a turkey gobbling contest. Choir programs were also included, Elder and Sister Hillam both lent their voices:

After this we returned to the Hillam home, where we waited until we were hungry again. This is when Neal ate three more pieces of pie, in addition to his FOUR at the Joseph Smith academy. We had a wonful rest of the evening. The kids simply didn't want to go to bed. After he finally fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs, I was able to Carry Grant (no pun intended) upstairs to join his siblings in the red bedroom.

We spent some time with Sister Hillam, the site director for the John Taylor home, before heading back to Iowa. She told the kids the story about John Taylor's rocking horse:

The rocking horse in the picture was actally handcarved by John Taylor, who literally snuck back to Nauvoo in the middle of the night to get it for his son, after they had already moved to Iowa on their way west. The horse was returned to the John Taylor house by his descendants just two years ago.

Mississippi sunset on Thanksgiving night.

Barry and his family will never forget this Thanksgiving!! They wish to thank Elder and Sister Hillam for their hospitality, as well as their marvelous example of missionary service.

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