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Carthage, IL (BH) Neal and Grant found a "huge poisonous spider" late yesterday afternoon in Carthage, at the home of Elder and Sister Hillam. Luckily, neither boy was bitten.

"That's a big spider, Dad," Grant said earlier today. When asked whether she thought this spider would taste good in a sandwich, Clara said "Yuck." The spider is shown here with its shadow.

The Carthage spider incident cast another kind of shadow on an otherwise enjoyable weekend in Carthage, where Elder and Sister Hillam enjoyed the company of Dianne and Trent, who flew down for the weekend from Seattle.

Dianne brought Barry and Camille so many good chocolates from Boehm's of Poulsbo that Camille reportedly become hostile and possessive (it's known as "chocolate trauma" in the Hillam household). She threatening to rip Barry's arms off if he came near the ones with the hazelnut flavor. Barry wisely backed down.

Church was attended across the street from the temple, where Dad passed the sacrament and ushured. It was a beautiful meeting, which included a "special musical number from a violinist."

Elder Hillam is ahown here opening something that is destined to be next week's "special musical number" in sacrament meeting: A chromatic harmonica. Mom gave it to him (belatedly) for his birthday.

This was actually part of a Double Belated Second Birthday Party (or DBSBP), where Dianne and Trent brought Haloween presents for all the kids...

...and Grant was honored with a cake and presents. He is shown here with a spider cake, which coincided perfectly with the spider outside.

Other highlights of the weekend included:

A trip to the old Carthage cemetary, where Camille found some family history information...

...and a trip to the old Carthage cemetary tree, where Grant also found -- well, nevermind.

Here is the "river road" between Nauvoo and Carthage.

Dad and Barry are seen here discussing the finer points of church history.

Three little monkeys are seen here at the stone archway that dumps into the Mississippi.

This was a great weekend!! Everyone was delighted to have Dianne and Trent there. The author of this story regrets that more pictures weren't taken of them. Trent's pictures of the occasion will undoubtedly turn out well, and maybe they can be posted on this site.

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