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Iowa City, IA (BH) Neal reigned supreme tonight with his Pinewood Derby car, beating out a chemical engineer, a mechanical engineer, and several coy physicians.* Oh wait -- that's his Dad's perspective. Well anyway, it can't be denied that his car was HOT, and he did TAKE IT ALL, winning every heat he raced in (8 or so), taking overall first place! Here are some pictures, hot off the press:

Neal holding his newly acquired first place award. He was gracious in victory, and we were proud of him for that.

20 scouts competed in the race. There were some excellent cars. A couple others are shown below, just before they jump off the line.

Too bad I don't have a shot of these cars at the finish line...

...because the one in the middle was WAY ahead. :-)

Neal's decided to paint his car in honor of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

But he decided that flames on the side would help, too.

A little paint later, plus some custom deburred and polished axles, mandrel-sanded wheels, and lots of graphite, and Neal had himself a winning pinewood derby car!

The shape was a combination of Neal's imagination and the suggestions of Grandpa Hillam. He also received valuable suggestions from the award winning duo, Trent and Ben Rencher. We cut out the basic shape with Dad's new Christmas bandsaw, and then sanded like CRAZY to give the car flowing lines in all three dimensions. The weights were positioned in between the car's center of mass (Overkill? Yeah, but there was a lot on the line here!).

Even if he wouldn't have won, we would have been just as proud of Neal for his excellent sportsmanship, and for the way he worked with his dad to plan out and build the car. But it is pretty great that he had the FASTES CAR ON THE TRACK!! Way to go, Neal!

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