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Tempe, AZ (MS) -- As you all know by now, Mom is a star!!

I just spoke with the correspondent (Howard Burkess) who is putting the story together on "Religious Tourism." It will run in 2 weeks on the Morning Edition. Mr. Burkess will call me as soon as he knows the exact date - most likely the day it airs.

He said he has a lot of work to do to get it ready. The program is 2 hours long and repeats itself. On the day that this piece aires, they will create a webpage with pictures of Nauvoo and Carthage at www.npr.org. An audio link will also be put up on the site after it's fininshed airing on the west coast at noon. A text version can be purchased by calling 877-NPR-TEXT.

He wants to use Mom's interview when he's talking about why Nauvoo has become such a mecca.

After the tour he took her aside and asked her what Carthage meant to her and what it means to those who visit. He said she teared up a couple of times, but spoke right from her heart. She did a wonderful job! (Way to go, Mom!!)

As a warning, he said that not all people are happy about all the tour busses and the traffic, even though it's good for the local economy - there is still some deep seeded hostility brewing under the surface in many of the old timers ... but the pilgrimage continues. That's what makes it such a good story! That will be the "spin".

It will go nationwide, so find your local stations and keep tuned in. The "Morning Editions" starts at 5:00 a.m. on the east coast and then vary a little according to local programming. It will most likely run the first week of November.

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