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Carthage, IL (BH) -- Mom and Dad moved to a beatuful new home in Nauvoo. "We're just down the road from the Nauvoo Mill and Bakery" said Mom. Elder and Sister Hillam are on Wilcox street, just behind the Hotel Nauvoo and immediately across from an old Methodist church. It is only a few blocks from the downtown area.

After they finish training the new couple at Carthage through this week, Elder and Sister Hillam will begin with the assignment in Nauvoo. Mom will be the site director of the John Taylor home.

Dad's assignment is not yet solidified, although he will probably be working with the NRI missionaries 3 days per week, and then at another site. He hopes he did a good enough job in Carthage, so that he will not be assigned to the Sarah Granger Kimball home, a place traditionally staffed by Sister missionaries who like to wear aprons and spend the day discussing authentic china, cradles, and butterchurns.

For two evenings per week, Elder and sister Hillam will be in the "rendezvous" show at the Assembly Hall.

"We feel very lucky to be in this home," said Elder and Sister Hillam. They explained that President Park reserved this home for them because it has a paino, and becasue it has ample room for family when they come to visit. It is one of the largest homes in the entire mission! Here are some pictures:

170 Wilcox Street, front door. There were a lot more leaves around the front porch before Dad got to them.

Back door.

A garage! This is a palace.

Here is the inside of the garage. Lots of debris. It won't be there for long. There will be insulation, drywall, light fixtures, a workbench, and tools before long. Can you imagine Dad's garage any other way?

Here is shot of the kitchen from the dining room.

Living room. It has high ceilings, kind of like a cabin.

The piano.

Mom and Dad's bedroom (one of three bedrooms).

This is in the front yard, and the Methodist church across the street. It is rumored that Emma Smith took her children to this church after the saints left.

This pilr of leaves was a dream come true for the kids -- biggest one they had ever seen!

Elder and Sister Hillam have plenty of room for visitors. They will be making a lot of memories in this house in the year to come!

*Not pictured: upstairs bedroom, the carpet on their walls, Las Vegas bathroom, and the dungeon. Stay tuned for more!

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