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Iowa City, IA (BH) Riding on the excitement of Neal's Pinewood Derby victory, Grant decided he was ready to have his front lower tooth (tooth "P," as he knows it) pulled out by his Dad. He was met with bitter dissapointment, however, when the time came to pull.

Here is Grant just before the big event. A couple days earlier he showed me how he could push his tooth forward with his tongue -- impressive stuff. We all thought he was ready for the next step.

Here is the grip. Grant was full of courage and ready for the big pull. However, when that time came, the tooth just wouldn't give! His Dad decided that it would be better to allow things to happen more naturally, once he realized how connected this little tooth still was. Grant went to bed very dissapointed that night...

But the next morning he woke up with a SURPRISE! Grant was thrilled. His first tooth to come out. Neal lost one the other day, too, so they have been waiting for the night when they can submit their teeth to the tooth fairy at the same time. Wish them good luck!

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