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Iowa City, IA (BH) -- Ben was the center of a disappointing incident late Tuesday night.

While eating brownies with the other kids at the kitchen table, his broke in at least four pieces.

"It was a tough time," said Clara, who saw the whole incident unfold (in between glances at her own brownie). "I know how much brownies mean to Ben, because they mean so much to me. It was sad to see him going through this. Every kid knows that brownies don't taste the same once they've broken."

When asked how her family will handle an incident like this in the future, Camille explained that prevention is the key. "Once a brownie breaks down the middle like that, there just isn't a lot you can do. From now on our focus will be on preventing incidents like this by teaching proper grip and loading technique. Really, I take responsibility for the whole fiasco. I should have taught Ben these techniques. Sometimes I just underestimate him because of his age. This really broke my heart tonight, too."

Earlier in the evening, before this incident occured, Ben thought it would be fun to wear Clara's shoes and slip. The mood was conducive to this type of innocent, wacky switcharooing...

But unfortunately, his attire only further exacerbated the incident, reducing his dignity to a pile of brownie rubble and tears.

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