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Iowa City, IA (BH) -- In a surprising move last Friday, Camille helped Ben to discover his true identity.

"I've just got to talk to you. I'm feeling a little emotional right now," said Camille over the phone to Barry on Friday afternoon. "I've just cut Ben's hair."

This was difficult emotionally for both Barry and Camille, since they have been very attached to Ben's golden locks for a very long time.

"I couldn't stand the thought of parting with them," said Camille during the phone conversation, "but I don't think Ben knew he was a boy. He was so excited after looking in the mirror after his haircut. His face seemed to say, in reference to his two older brothers, 'Hey! Whaddya know! I'm one of them!!'"

Barry returned home from the dental clinic that night to find a liitle boy that looked a lot like a little boy he had in Provo, named Neal. "Now that Ben is definitely a boy in appearance, it seems a little weirder for him to be playing wth Clara's Tender Hearts Kitchen," said Camille.

But that's okay -- somebody needs to make the applesauce...

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